Looking for a Celsius Alternative?

Looking for a Celsius Alternative?

Access the leading DeFi savings products through Minke and earn 20x more interest than at a bank!

5 Reasons why Minke is a great alternative to Celsius to help you meet your savings goals

1. Minke is the first decentralized finance app that looks and feels like your favourite fintech.

We know the appeal of the Celsius wallet and others is ease of use and great interest rates, so we built the easiest way to access DeFi savings on your mobile.

2. You can buy crypto in 3 clicks with Apple Pay and deposit into leading savings protocols in a few more.

Minke is designed to be the easiest way to buy, exchange, hold and save with cryptocurrencies and stablecoins with no technical knowledge needed.

3. Transparent, globally accessible savings in stablecoins pegged to the value of the US Dollar.

Buy USDC with your local currency and use it like you would a USD savings account from anywhere in the world.

4. Unlike competitors, Minke doesn't take a cut of the interest you earn.

All of the interest you earn is yours! We earn a small fee from your in-app top ups. This lets you maximise the money you earn through the power of compounding interest.

5. Deposit and withdraw at any time, with no lock up periods or penalties.

Unlike Celsius, Minke is a non-custodial wallet which means only you have access to your money and you can deposit or withdraw at any time - with no penalties or early withdrawal charges.

Get started better savigns for free now!