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Only you can access your funds, not Minke or anyone else. Minke is a self custodial wallet that gives you direct access to the new world of money.

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You won't run into those expensive gas fees you may have heard about. Minke supports low fee networks like Polygon with fees so low that we pay them for you.

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How much has my currency lost
against the US dollar over the years?

Argentina Argentina
Australia Australia
Brasil Brasil
Cameroon Cameroon
Canada Canada
Chile Chile
Colombia Colombia
Ethiopia Ethiopia
European Union European Union
Ghana Ghana
India India
Indonesia Indonesia
Kenya Kenya
Lebanon Lebanon
Mexico Mexico
Pakistan Pakistan
Peru Peru
Philippines Philippines
South Africa South Africa
Turkey Turkey
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Venezuela Venezuela
3 years
The Brazilian Real lost
30% against the USD
in the last 3 years
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Why Minke Exists
At Minke we're building a self-custodial wallet that replaces exchanges and fintechs. We're simply the best way to experience money.
Why Self Custody Matters
Learn why self-custody should be the default in crypto and how to protect your money.
What are stablecoins?
Learn more about the different types of stablecoins and how they work.
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Minke is a company domiciled in Australia but run by a global team of passionate builders across the world. Many of us live or have lived in emerging markets, experiencing the results of high inflation and the need for better money.
A stablecoin is digital currency pegged to the US dollar. There are multiple types of stablecoins but we support the major 3 which are USDC, USDT and DAI. USDC and USDT maintain reserves in cash, treasury bills and other dollar equivalent assets or investments. DAI is an overcollateralized stablecoin meaning other cryptoassets of a greater value than the amount of DAI issued are locked in smart contracts earning interest
In Minke! You can buy stablecoins like USDC, DAI and Tether through Apple Pay, Google Pay and many local bank transfer methods in over 180 countries.

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